Pata Pata Psicodelico

By Los Rockin Devil's

This album is known for its blend of rock and roll with psychedelic influences, a style that was booming during the 1960s. The album's title and its main track, "Pata Pata Psicodélico," reflect the fusion of Latin rhythms and psychedelic sounds. Los Rockin Devil's were known for their energy and creativity, and this album is a clear example of their ability to adapt to the musical trends of the time while maintaining their unique identity. "Pata Pata Psicodélico" is considered an iconic work that showcases the evolution of rock in Mexico during the 1960s.

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Track List - 12 Songs
Jerry Ragovoy, Zenzile Miriam Makeba | Peer International Corporation
Armando Manzanero Canché | Editorial Mexicana De Música Internacional
Alberto Dominguez | Promotora Hispano Americana De Música
Virgil F. Stewart | Sony Music
Heinz Meier, Hans Bradtke |
Frank Estrada | Pendiente
Otis Redding | Aberbach De México
Consuelo Velazquez | Promotora Hispano Americana De Música
Alejandro Guzman Mayer | Pendiente
Armando Manzanero Canché | Editorial Mexicana De Música Internacional
Roosevelt Shannon | EMI Musical
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