Nuevos Éxitos Con Los Rockin Devil´s

By Los Rockin Devil's

Released in 1967 by Discos Orfeón. This album features a collection of songs that cemented the band's success in the Spanish-language rock scene. It includes both original tracks and Spanish versions of international hits, showcasing the group's versatility and talent in adapting different styles to their unique sound. Los Rockin Devil's were known for their energy and creativity, and this album is a testament to their ability to stay relevant and popular in the vibrant music scene of the 1960s in Mexico.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Alvis E. Owens Jr. | Aberbach De México
Donovan Phillips Leitch | Peer International Corporation
Robert Bob Moore | Universal
Eleanor Broadwater, Delmar A. Hawkins Jr., S. James Lewis | Aberbach De México
Ronald Blackwell | Sony Music
Salvatore Phillip Bono | BMG Music Publishing
Jeff Barry, Eleanor Greenwich | Aberbach De México
Fred Smith, Earl Nelson | Editorial Orfeón
Alvis Edgar Owens Jr. | EMI Musical
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