Esos Fueron los días

By Los Rockin Devil's

"Esos Fueron Los Días" is an album by the Mexican group Los Rockin' Devil's, released under the Discos Orfeón label in 1968. This album features a mix of rock and roll and ballads, characteristic of the group's style during that era. With tracks like the title song "Esos Fueron Los Días," an adaptation of "Those Were the Days," Los Rockin' Devil's managed to capture the nostalgia and energy of 1960s rock. The music on this album reflects the influence of British and American rock, adapted to the taste of the Mexican audience. "Esos Fueron Los Días" is remembered as one of the most representative works of Los Rockin' Devil's, cementing their place in the history of rock in Mexico.

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Track List - 12 Songs
Eugene Raskin | Dobles Reclamos
James Anthony Mcdougal, Titus Turner | Pendientes
The Doors | Pendientes
Lennon, Mc Cartney, A.Robles | Sony D.A.D.C. México
Burdon, Briggs, Jenkins, Mc Culloch | Pendientes
Joe Seuth | Pendientes
Lennon, Mccartney | Sony D.A.D.C. México
Joe Bihari, Marvin Phillips | Universal Music México
Clarence Carter, E.Amabilis Palma | Pendientes
O'Kelly Isley Jr., Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley. | EMI Musical
Donald Govay | Pendientes
Ike Turner, F.Estrada | Pendientes
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