Éxitos A Go Go

By Los Rockin Devil's

Released in 1966 by Discos Orfeón. This album is part of the "Go Go" musical movement, which was popular in the 1960s and characterized by its energetic and danceable rhythm. "Éxitos A Go Go" includes Spanish versions of international hits of the time, as well as some original songs, all performed in the distinctive style of Los Rockin Devil's. The album captures the essence of 60s rock and roll and pop music, cementing the band as a favorite among the youth of that era.

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Track List - 12 Songs
Wes Farrell, Bert Russell | Sony Music
Frederic Murray, Robert Patrick Weston |
Robert F. Tubert, Joy Johnston, Jose Enrique Okamura Vega | Warner Chappell Music México
Nicholas Paul Acquaviva | Aberbach De México
Enrique Franco Aguilar | EMI Musical
James Brown | Warner Chappell Music México
David Clayton Thomas, Gordon Fleming | Chrysalis Standards Inc
Antonio Guijarro Campoy, Augusto Alguero Dasca | Warner Chappell Music México
Raymond Douglas Davies | Pfive Entertainment México
Arthur Alexander Jr. | Peer International Corporation
Wes Farrell, Bert Russell | Beechwood
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