Los Rockin Devil's

By Los Rockin Devil's

A self-titled album by the Mexican band Los Rockin Devil's, released in 1967 by Discos Orfeón. This album reflects the rock and roll boom in Mexico during the 1960s and showcases the influence of British and American rock bands on their music. Los Rockin Devil's stood out for their Spanish versions of international hits and their original tracks filled with energy and catchy rhythms. The album includes a mix of ballads and more dynamic rock songs, solidifying the band as one of the most important acts in the Spanish-language rock movement of the time.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Ronald Blackwell | Sony Music
Christopher Frederick Andrews | Pendiente
Geof Stephens | Promotora Hispano Americana De Música
Gregory Bryan Pickett, Leonard L. Capizzi | Warner Chappell Music México
Felix Cavaliere | Beechwood
Frederick E. Long, William Stevenson, John S. Marascalco, Robert A. Blackwell | Aberbach De México
Maurice Williams | Kobalt Music Publishing
Rudy Martinez | Beechwood
James Wesley Voight | EMI Musical
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