Nuevos Hits De Los Rockin Devil's

By Los Rockin Devil's

album by the Mexican band Los Rockin Devil's, released in 1968 by Discos Orfeón. This album features a collection of songs that reflect the band's musical evolution and their ability to adapt to contemporary trends in rock and pop. It includes both original tracks and Spanish versions of international hits, showcasing the versatility and talent of Los Rockin Devil's. With their characteristic energetic and catchy style, this album further cemented the group's popularity in the Mexican music scene of the late 1960s.

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Track List - 12 Songs
George Ivy Hunter, William Stevenson, Marvin P. Gaye | EMI Musical
Lowell Fulsom, Jimmy Mccracklin | Aberbach De México
Jesus Muñoz Lopez | Pendiente
Martin William Wylie Macpherson, Philip Michael Coulter | EMI Musical
Otha Maurice Hayes, Verlie Rice, Zephire A. Williams |
Shirley M. Goodman, Leonard Lee | Aberbach De México
L. Russell, Bob Crewe | Universal
Jim Dale, Tom Springfield | Warner Chappell Music México
Sam Cooke | EMI Musical
Derecho Autoral Reservado | Pendiente
Lee Hazlewood | Universal
Francisco Lugo, Edward Serrato, Robert Lee Balderrama, Rudy Martinez, Frank Brent Rodriguez | Beechwood
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