Vaselina Con Cepillín

By Cepillín

"Vaselina with Cepillín" is an album that showcases the collaboration between Cepillín, the famous Mexican clown, and the popular Mexican rock band Vaselina. Released in 1982 under the Discos Orfeón label, this album combines Cepillín's characteristic style with Vaselina's rock and energy, creating a unique and exciting musical project. The songs reflect the fun and joy of both artists, offering a vibrant and energetic listening experience that has endured over time as a classic of children's music.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Buddy Kay, Ethel Lee, David Hess, Manuel Muñoz | Aberbach De México
Barry Gibb | Universal
Ricardo González | Editorial Orfeón
Luis Lázaro Salazar Gutiérrez | Editorial Orfeón
Ricardo González Gutierrez, Luis Lázaro Salazar Gutiérrez | Editorial Orfeón
Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey | Warner Chappell Music México
John Clifford Farrar | Warner Chappell Music México
Ricardo González Gutierrez | Editorial Orfeón
Luis Lázaro Salazar Gutiérrez | Editorial Orfeón
Norman Span | Aberbach De México
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