En Un Bosque De La China

By Cepillín

"En un bosque de la china" is one of the most notable albums by Cepillín, the famous Mexican clown, released under the banner of Discos Orfeón. This album, released in 1981, features a collection of cheerful and catchy songs that have captivated generations of Spanish-speaking children and families. With his distinctive style and unmatched charisma, Cepillín takes listeners into a world of fantasy and fun through his songs, creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness that is fondly remembered by many to this day.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Roberto Ratto, Benjamin Yankelevich | Fermata Argentina
Homero Gonzalez | Editorial Orfeón
Narciso Farfan, Fernando Mulen Y Lopez | Editora Musical Musart
Luis Covarrubias Alvarez | Editorial Orfeón
Ruben Hernandez Salazar | Editorial Orfeón
| Warner Chappell Music México
Lawrence Eugene Williams, Armando José Martínez González | Sony D.A.D.C. México
James L. Turnbow, Larry Parks | Aberbach De México
Fernanda Aguilar De Astiazaran | Editorial Orfeón
Raymundo Saenz, Elsa Maria Pelaez Vega | Editorial Orfeón
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