"El Bala Balajú" is an album by Rigo Domínguez y su Grupo Audaz, released under the Discos Orfeón label. It's an album known for its energetic fusion of cumbia and tropical rhythms, offering vibrant songs that invite partying and dancing. Rigo Domínguez, with his charismatic presence and unique voice, leads Grupo Audaz in creating catchy melodies that capture the essence of Latin tropical music. "El Bala Balajú" is a clear example of Discos Orfeón's commitment to promoting music that celebrates the joy and vitality of Latin culture.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Gregorio Sanchez, Domingo Sanchez | Lagos Editorial
Gregorio Sanchez, Domingo Sanchez | Lagos Editorial
Mario Rod De Hoyos | Lagos Editorial
S. Vargas, R. Fuentes, Daniel Jiménez | Grever Music Publishing
Rafael Rodriguez | Pendientes
Jean Claude Domini, Raphaell Beroard | Lagos Editorial
Jesús Rincón Cardenas, Rigo Dominguez | Lagos Editorial
Jesús Rincón Cardenas, Martha Cano | Lagos Editorial
Lucho Campillo, Arturo U. | Promotora Hispano Americana De Música
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