En Las Cumbres De Maltrata

By Rigo Domínguez Y Su Grupo Audaz

"En Las Cumbres De Maltrata" is an album by Rigo Domínguez and his band Grupo Audaz, renowned for their distinctive sound in tropical and regional Mexican music. This record is characterized by its catchy melodies and vibrant rhythms that evoke the landscape and culture of the Maltrata region. The songs on "En Las Cumbres De Maltrata" are full of energy and passion, reflecting the festive and joyful essence of the group. Rigo Domínguez and his band captivate their audience with dynamic and emotive performances, making this album an essential piece for lovers of tropical and regional music.

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Track List - 6 Songs
Mario Rodriguez De Hoyos | Editora Mantram
Norberto Eduardo Toscano | Mantram
Jose Alfredo Jimenez | Editorial Mexicana De Música Internacional
Benny More Valdez, Silvestre Mendez Lopez, Mario Paz Saenz, Luis Guillermo Perez Cedron, Luis Eduardo Bermudez Acosta, Maria Ximena Muñoz, Jose E. Gaviria, Eliseo Herrera Junco, Pablo Cairo Sentmanat, Jose Carbo Menendez, Rogelio Agustin Martinez Fure | Aberbach De México
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