"Macumba" is an album by Rigo Domínguez and his band Grupo Audaz, known for their ability to blend various Latin genres with a unique and energetic touch. This record stands out for its infectious rhythms and vibrant lyrics, reflecting the joy and dynamism of tropical music. The songs on "Macumba" invite dancing and celebration, capturing the festive essence that characterizes Rigo Domínguez and his group. With its mix of cumbia, salsa, and other Latin styles, this album becomes an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a lively and rhythmic musical experience.

Listen chart 53
Track List - 7 Songs
Rafael Rodriguez | EMI Musical
Blas Eduardo | Peer International Corporation
Jorge Rincon, Jesús Rincón Cardenas | Mantram
Samuel Morales Ferron | Editorial Mexicana De Música Internacional
Alberto Javier Vazquez Y Lauzurica, Enrique Alfonso Bonfante Castilla, Luis Maria Formeta Pereira, Manuel Antolin Lenes Martinez | Aberbach De México
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