El Gran Fellove

By El Gran Fellove

"El Gran Fellove" is an album released in 1998 that highlights the work of the renowned Cuban singer and composer Francisco Fellove Valdés, known artistically as El Gran Fellove. This album compiles some of Fellove's best performances, who is famous for his unique style that blends mambo, Cuban son, and bolero, along with his distinctive vocal improvisation known as "scat." "El Gran Fellove" is a tribute to his talent and legacy, featuring both his classic hits and new recordings that capture the essence of his contribution to Cuban and Latin music.

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Track List - 10 Songs
Francisco Fellove Valdes | Promotora Hispano Americana De Música
Francisco Fellove Valdes | Sacm-Directo F
Wilfrido Guevara Navarro | Pendiente
Jorge Mazón Delgado | Aberbach De México
Francisco Fellove Valdes | Sacm-Directo F
Francisco Fellove Valdes | Sacm-Directo F
Narciso Valdés Iglesias | Aberbach De México
Niño Rivera | Pendiente
Jose Antonio Mendez | Warner Chappell Music México
Chiquitica Mendez | Aberbach De México
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