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Review Los Hitters (1965) - Discos DIMSA

Posted on Wednesday, | 12 June | 2024, Posted By Héctor Fernández

The album Los Hitters from 1965, released under the iconic label DIMSA, is a milestone in the history of Mexican rock. This album not only marked the beginning of a golden era for the band but also reflected the vibrant spirit of the youth of the 60s. With the collaboration of Discos Orfeón, Los Hitters managed to leave an indelible mark on popular Mexican music.

Los Hitters

The Influence of Los Hitters

From the beginning, Los Hitters stood out for their ability to fuse international rhythms with a unique Mexican touch. In this album, the band presents a variety of songs ranging from covers of global hits to original compositions full of energy and creativity. The influence of Los Hitters on Mexican rock is undeniable, and their work with Discos DIMSA/Orfeón helped consolidate their place in the country's musical history.

The Musicians

The members of Los Hitters, including Carlos Loftus (vocals), Fernando Martínez (lead guitar), Ricardo Sánchez (rhythm guitar), Ernesto García (bass), and Hugo Villareal (drums), demonstrated exceptional musical prowess in this album. Their ability to interpret and reimagine well-known songs, as well as to create new melodies, allowed them to connect deeply with their audience. The collaboration with Discos DIMSA and later with Discos Orfeón was crucial for the dissemination of their music, allowing them to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Highlight Tracks of the Album

The album Los Hitters includes an eclectic mix of tracks that showcase the band's versatility and talent. From the energetic "Please Please Me" to the melodic "Te Necesito," each track is a testament to the band's ability to capture different emotions and styles. Other notable tracks include "La Bamba" and "Twist and Shout," where Los Hitters manage to imprint their personal touch on well-known classics.


Personal Opinion

Listening to the album Los Hitters from 1965 is like taking a trip back in time to a vibrant era of Mexican music. Each song reflects not only the band's talent but also the rich history of collaboration between Los Hitters and Discos DIMSA/Orfeón. This album is essential for any Mexican rock lover and a gem for those looking to understand the evolution of this genre in the country.

Listen all the catalog from Los Hitters

We invite all music enthusiasts to discover or rediscover the album Los Hitters from 1965. Available on all digital music platforms and at orfeon.com.mx, this record is a key piece of the Mexican musical legacy. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the magic of Los Hitters and their contribution to national rock.

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