Rediscover the Magic of Cepillín with Discos Orfeón

Posted on Friday, | 31 May | 2024, Posted By Héctor Fernández

Cepillín, Mexico's most beloved clown, shines again with the release of all his classic albums that had not been available on digital platforms before.

Thanks to Discos Orfeón, we can now enjoy these musical treasures from the comfort of our devices. These releases include gems such as "Milagro En El Circo" (1979), "El Circo De Cepillín" (1978), "El Zoológico De Cepillín" (1980), "Vaselina Con Cepillín" (1981), "En Un Bosque De La China" (1980), "Navidad Con Cepillín" (1981), "Vamos A La Escuela" (1982), "La Feria De Cepillín" (1983), and "Un Día Con Mamá" (1984).


Milagro En El Circo (1979)

"Milagro En El Circo" is an album that captures the magical essence of Cepillín's circus shows. Released in 1979, this album transports listeners to a world full of wonders and laughter. The songs tell charming stories that combine the tenderness and humor characteristic of Cepillín. Highlight tracks include "El Payasito De La Tele" and "Los Días De La Semana," which have become beloved classics across generations. This album not only entertains but also educates children through clever and catchy lyrics.


El Circo De Cepillín (1978)

Released in 1978, "El Circo De Cepillín" is one of Cepillín's most iconic albums. This album captures the vibrant essence of his live performances and conveys the joy of the circus through each track. Songs like "La Feria De Cepillín" and "En El Bosque De La China" quickly became children's anthems. With this album, Cepillín cemented his place in the hearts of children and their families, creating a musical legacy that endures to this day. The infectious energy and charisma of Cepillín shine in every note, making this album an unforgettable experience.


El Zoológico De Cepillín (1980)

In 1980, "El Zoológico De Cepillín" brought a new musical adventure. This album invites children on a trip to the zoo, presenting songs that describe various animals and their characteristics in a fun and educational way. "El Elefante Trompita" and "El León" are perfect examples of how Cepillín combines entertainment and learning. This album not only amuses but also stimulates children's curiosity about the animal world, fostering a love for nature and animals.


Vaselina Con Cepillín (1981)

"Vaselina Con Cepillín", released in 1981, showcases Cepillín's versatility. This album adapts the famous musical "Grease" to Cepillín's unique style, offering fun and accessible versions of popular songs. Tracks like "Greased Lightning" and "Summer Nights" are reinterpreted with the charm.

Don't miss the chance to rediscover the magic of Cepillín! Thanks to Discos Orfeón, all of his unforgettable classics are now available on major digital music platforms. Whether you want to relive your childhood or introduce new generations to the wonderful songs of Cepillín, these albums offer a unique experience full of joy and nostalgia. Visit your favorite digital platform today and enjoy "Milagro En El Circo", "El Circo De Cepillín", "El Zoológico De Cepillín", "Vaselina Con Cepillín", "En Un Bosque De La China", "Navidad Con Cepillín", "Vamos A La Escuela", "La Feria De Cepillín", and "Un Día Con Mamá". Let Cepillín's music fill your home with laughter and happiness!

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